This is a general practitioner's clinic. So you can consult us about a wide range of health problems: from the heart disease to psychological problems, even disorders with your eyes and noses.
If your problem is found to be beyond our capability, we will promptly refer you to some experts on the particular diseases.

We can treat foreign patients. Although English-speaking patients are best welcomed, non-English speakers can well be treated through the conversation by means of writing or by the help of interpreters.

Unfortunately, except the doctor, not every medical staff member is capable of speaking English. Therefore, any reservation or consultation before the visit will require the help of your Japanese-speaking fellows.

Basically, we accept only Japanese insurances. Handling of travelling insuances and other private insurances; it depends.

If no healthcare insuances are available, the payment will be calculated based on (not necessarily equivalent to) the rate of Japanese health insurance.

The prescription of drugs is done either at the in-hospital dispenser or out-of-hospital pharmacy, which is determined by the availability of the particular drugs in this clinic.
If you have to go out to out-of-hospital pharmacy, the payment for the drugs should be separately done there.

We request you to do your bit to make medical consultation pleasant and productive.
Please summerize or write down questions in order of priority before the visit.
It’s a good idea to put together a detailed list of symptoms, as well as provide information about medications you’re already taking.
It helps if you bring test results or medical reports from other healthcare professionals you may have visited previously.

Thank you.

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